Folger Institute 2010–2011 short-term fellows

Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2010–2011 academic year. For Scholarly Programs, see our 2010–2011 program archive.

Charles Beem, Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

“Lord of Misrule: The Life and Times of George Ferrers”
(One month, March '11)

Sara Brooks, Lecturer, Princeton University

“Instituting Bodies, Interpreting Ancient Order: Predecessors and Protestant Institution Building”
(Two months, July – August '10)

Piers Brown, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of York

“Donne and the Situation of Literate Work in Early Modern England”
(Two months, September – October '10)

Mark Thornton Burnett, Professor of Renaissance Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast

“Shakespeare and World Cinema”
(One month, April '11)

David Carnegie, Professor of Theatre, Victoria University of Wellington

“Works of John Webster, V. 4”
(Three months, April – June '11)

Kathleen Comerford, Professor of History, Georgia Southern University

“Jesuit Foundations and Medici Power, 1541–1700”
(One month, July '10)

Ambereen Dadabhoy, Lecturer in Western Languages and Literature, Bogazici University

“The Stage Turk: Suleyman the Magnificent on the English Stage”
(Three months, March – May '11)

Jason Denman, Associate Professor of English, Utica College

“Artificial Shadows: The Skepticism of Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy”
(One month, July '10)

Francesca Di Blasio, Assistant Professor of English Literature, University of Trento

“The Antipodes in Early Modern Account: Heresy, Utopia, and Travel”
(Three months, February – March '11)

Cary Di Pietro, Sessional Lecturer II in English and Drama, University of Toronto at Mississauga

“Seeing through Shakespeare: Visual Culture and Performance in England, 1660–1960”
(One month, December '10)

Jeffrey Doty, Assistant Professor of English, West Texas A & M University

“Popularity and Publicity in Shakespeare’s Theater”
(One month, July '10)

Julie Eckerle, Assistant Professor of English, University of Minnesota, Morris

“Romancing the Self: A Study of Early Modern English-Women’s Life Writing”
(One month, June '11)

Ian Gadd, Senior Lecturer in English, Bath Spa University

“Copyright and Corporate Publishing in the Stationers’ Company, 1617–1710”
(Four months, January through July '11)

Anthony Guneratne, Associate Professor of Communication, Florida Atlantic University

“Rediscovering Shakespeare: the Role of Archives in Reconstructing the Shakespeare Film Canon”
(Two months, March – April '11)

Karl Gunther, Assistant Professor of History, University of Miami

“The Ideological Origins of English Puritanism, 1525–1590”
(One month, July '10)

R. Carter Hailey, Research Associate, The College of William and Mary

“The Shakespeare Papers”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Jeffery Hankins, Assistant Professor of History, Louisiana Tech University

“The Dangerous Days of Religious Refugees”
(Six weeks, tbd)

Jacob Heil, Independent Scholar, Baltimore, MD

“Making Poems: A Bibliographic Investigation of Poems by J.D.”
(One month, July '10)

Jonathan Hsy, Assistant Professor of English, George Washington University

“Polyglot Production: Multilingual Writing and London Trade, 1340–1540”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Mariko Ichikawa, Professor [of English], Tohoku University

“A Study of Early Modern Basic Theatrical Terms”
(Three months, April – June '11)

Robert Jones, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Leeds

“Mary Tickell’s Letters to her Sister”
(One month, July '10)

Sean Keilen, Associate Professor of English, College of William and Mary

“Circle of Affection: Imitation and Tradition in Renaissance Poetry”
(Three months, June – August '10)

Gerard Kilroy, Honorary Visiting Professor, University College London

“’Beyond the sownde of tounge or quill’: the Impact, in Print and in Manuscript, of Edmund Campion, S.J.”
(Three months, tbd)

Brian Lockey, Associate Professor of English, St. John’s University

“Catholics, Royalists, Cosmopolitans: Writing at the Margins of Early Modern England”
(One month, March '11)

Jesus López-Peláez Casellas, Associate Professor of English, University of Jaén

“The Representation of the Muslim, Jewish, and Spanish Other in the Construction of the English Early Modern Identity”
(Six weeks, July – August '10)

Katherine Maynard, Associate Professor of French, Washington College

“Guillaume Du Bartas’ Epic Endeavors”
(One month, July '10)

Richard C. McCoy, Professor of English, Queens College, CUNY

“Faith in Shakespeare”
(Two months, November – December '10)

David McInnis, Ph.D. Candidate (degree in hand by time of residence), University of Melbourne

“The Lost Plays Database (”
(One month, February '11)

Dieter Mehl, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Bonn

“A Variorum Edition of Shakespeare’s ‘Poems’”
(Two months, May – June '11)

Shannon Miller, Professor of English, Temple University

“On the Margins of History: Studies in Pamphlet Collections”
(Three months, March – May '11)

Melissa Mowry, Associate Professor of English, St. John’s University

“Ties that Bind: The Hermeneutics of Collectivity and the English Literary Imagination, 1642-1748”
(Three months, August – October '10)

Alan H. Nelson, Professor Emeritus of English, University of California, Berkeley

“The Library, Manuscripts, Life, and Opinions of Richard Smith (1590-1675)”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Webster Newbold, Associate Professor of English, Ball State University

The English Secretary by Angel Day: a Critical Edition”
(One month, July '10)

Corinne Noirot-Maguire, Assistant Professor of French, Virginia Tech

“Jean de la Taille’s Dramatic Quill”
(One month, March '11)

Veronica O’Mara, Senior Lecturer, University of Hull

“A Critical Edition of Thomas Wimbledon’s Paul’s Cross Sermon of c. 1387”
(One month, May '11)

Jose Roberto O’Shea, Professor of English, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

“Annotated Verse Translation of Shakespeare’s Two Noble Kinsmen
(Three months, August – October '10)

Lena Cowen Orlin, Professor of English, Georgetown University

“The Textual Life of Things in Early Modern England”
(Two months, June – September '10)

Mark Rankin, Assistant Professor of English, James Madison University

“The Myth of Henry VIII in Early Modern England”
(Three months, January – March '11)

Dosia Reichardt, Lecturer, James Cook University

“‘Death in a New Dress’: Seventeenth-Century Comic Elegies and the Culture of Mourning”
(One month, November '10)

Kate Rumbold, Research Fellow, Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham

“Shakespeare Anthologized”
(Two months, June – July '11)

Monica Santini, Research Fellow, University of Padua

“The Queen’s Other Isle: Elizabeth I’s Letters to Ireland”
(Two months, October – November '10)

Kathryn Schwarz, Associate Professor of English, Vanderbilt University

“Counterfactual Women: Femininity and Teleology in Early Modern England”
(Three months, October – December '10)

Marlis Schweitzer, Assistant Professor of Theatre, York University

“Bringing the World to Broadway: Tracking the Transnational Trade in Theatrical Commodities”
(Two months, tbd)

Jessica Sharkey, Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge

“Thomas Wolsey’s Reputation and its European Context”
(Three months, September – November)

Ian Smith, Professor of English, Lafayette College

“Fabricated Identities: Racial Cross-Dressing on the Early Modern Stage”
(One month, October '10)

Abraham Stoll, Associate Professor of English, University of San Diego

“Thus Conscience in Early Modern England”
(One month, June '10)

Felicity Stout, Research Associate, University of Sheffield

“Giles Fletcher the Elder and the Elizabethan Commonwealth”
(Two months, July - August '10)

Catherine Thomas, Assistant Professor of English, College of Charleston

“Shakespeare and the Graphic Arts: Sketching the Past”
(One month, March '10)

Anke Timmermann, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Glasgow

“How Bess of Hardwick Read the News”
(One month, May – June '11)

David Trim, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Reading

“Tyranny, Resistance, and the Calvinist Ideology of Holy War, 1560-1650”
(Three months, August – September '10)

Angus Vine, Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, University of Sussex

“Manuscripts, Merchants, and Miscellanea”
(One month, July – August '10)

Andrew Walkling, Dean’s Assistant Professor of Early Modern Studies, SUNY, Binghamton

“Instruments of Absolutism: Restoration Court Culture and the Epideictic Mode”
(Three months, April – June '11)

J. Christopher Warner, Professor of English, Le Moyne College

“Tottel’s Miscellany in the Marian Book Market”
(Three months, December '10 – February '11)

Adrian C. Weimer, Instructional Assistant Professor of Religion, University of Mississippi

“Divine Consolations: A Cultural History of Affliction”
(One month, tbd)

Joshua Westgard, Haslam Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Marco Institute, University of Tennessee

“Bede’s History and its Readers in the Age of Print”
(One month, July '10)

Rachel Willie, Teaching Associate in English, University of York

“Staging Revolution: Drama, Reinvention, and Historical Interpretation”
(Two months, January – March '11)

David Worrall, Professor of English, Nottingham Trent University

“Performing Britannia”
(One month, December '10 – January '11)